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Given Away– the story of roo


The Story of Roo


To all my adopters who have given our babies forever loving homes we thank you. 


There are those adopters who don’t remember what our contract says

Maybe they just don't care.

Why? How could this have happened?

I thought you were perfect for one of my babies.

I bring them in and I fall in love with them.

I promise to find them the best home possible

With people who will love them forever

If they can’t we understand though

We want our babies to come back to us if they can’t be kept

People ask why do we have to return them

We can find them a good home

Really?  Do you promise?

Today I got the call I have always dreaded

The call saying we have one of your dogs

We tried calling the owners on the microchip

We can’t get a hold of them

Your dog is dying we are trying everything to save her

She’s suffering we need to find the owner

What?  What is happening? What dog do you have?

What?  She was abandoned in an old car?

New York?  What no she can’t be

Her adopters love her— they are perfect

They sent me updates just a few months ago

No this can’t be happening..

She’s under weight, covered in ticks, found in an old abandoned car

No she’s shouldn’t have been by herself she’s a house dog

She’s so tiny only 10 lbs

I’ll call her owner she will tell me it’s all a mistake

Maybe she was stolen

That’s it she will tell me it’s a mistake

What?  You gave her away?  Why? 

You loved her!!!  Don’t promises mean anything at all anymore??!!!

You signed a contract she was to come home if you didn’t want her!!!

She’s dying now– all alone

How long was she out there?

Cold, hungry, frightened all alone— suffering

For your damn furniture??!!!!

I hope your happy

I hope is was worth it to save your precious furniture

My little baby girl I promised to protect you

“Don’t worry baby– I know your scared”

“They are great people– they will love you forever”

“If not you always have a home here”

“Don’t worry my little one”
“You will be safe– you can always come home”

“I know your scared baby but you have to go to your forever home”

“Other babies need safety too”

I trusted you with one of my babies

I trusted you to keep her safe

I put her life in your hands

She is now at a vet’s office to far away for me to get too

How could you do this?

I am so sorry my little baby Roo”

“I thought they were your perfect family”

  “I am so sorry my sweet scared little girl”

“I wish I could take away all your pain”


This was written November 6, 2009 after receiving a call from a  vet’s office in NY

They tried everything possible to save our sweet little baby Roo. 



Roo update 11/13/2009

Well yesterday I finally got the nerve to call the clinic to check on Roo— I knew it was going to be bad I expected it but I called anyway to confirm what I knew had already happened..  The staff at this clinic was extremely nice.. I had talked to Kristin and Ellie prior so asked for one of them.

Kristin though is who gave me the news.  Roo did have to be put down the night before so I am thinking 11/11/2009 was when she left us.  I have cried and cried some more— this was not how it was supposed to end.  When she got adopted this was supposed to be her perfect forever after..

I am heartbroken that one of my babies had to go this way.. However I can only be grateful that she passed on surrounded by love..   I am so thankful that this clinic — Latham Animal Hospital in New York-  is the clinic that ended up with her..

They did everything they could to save her and gave her loads of love while she was there.. The ladies mentioned above even took her home with them!!!   I could not thank them enough!!!  They are sending me a paw print they took from Roo– so I will be posting it with her picture in our memorial section..  I want to thank the people who kept us in their prayers and thoughts and for the people who I talked to so much about this.. A huge thank you goes out to my girls of course who sat with me and cried as we looked at Roo’s baby pictures, of course my good friend Charles who called daily to check on me and offer encouragement and support, and of course my friend Marie who I kept e-mailing back and forth— she patiently “listened” to my ranting and raving regarding the situation...

Rest in peace little Roo you fought a good fight and stayed strong now run free!!!  Go find our Almost Home babies that we couldn’t save and of course, go find Charles’ Sammy, Gabby, and Bob to run and play with— they will introduce you to all their Critter friends!!    

We will miss you Roo..

Small family-Kanga, Roo, Pooh, and Piglet at animal control right before we pulled them.     

Roo with my daughter Miranda learning about love.

Roo’s pretty face!!

“Hello.. I am so sweet do you have a treat for me?”

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