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Fairy Tail Endings

“HI,  This is Captain Jack.  I just wanted to e-mail Miss Janelle and the girls to tell them how well I have been doing.  I eat like a pig so they are trying to make me get a job. haha But I can't figure out what I'm good at.  I have learned sign language, maybe I could get a job at Pets Mart as an interpreter.  Hmmm just an option.  Right now I know 22 different signs and I actually respond to the sign language more than I will to English.  I still love to jump! I decided that at my 58lb I love to be a lap dog. I also love taking my family on walks, I think I should walk them every day.  They seem to need it.  Well I guess I better go but before I cook myself some dinner I will attach some pictures of me so you can see what I look like now.  Thanks and have a good evening. “      CJ

We were receiving so many wonderful updates from our amazing adopters that we decided to make a place here on our site for them to brag and share stories about the wonderful animals they have adopted from Almost Home NM. Some of the transformations these dogs go through from the time they come into rescue to the time their new family gives me an update is absolutely amazing!!!! A lot of these animals come in scared, aggressive, injured, dirty, and some even abused!!  So we love when our adopters send us the updates telling us how wonderful their new pets are doing and how much they love them!!!

Hey girls! Just wanted you to know that Pearl is doing great! Her & Remmy slept in our room last night & have been inseparable! She is adjusting very well and is adapting wonderfully! We are very happy and she has lots of hugs and kisses! Thank you again for completing our family!      The Mccloud Clan

Angelina’s new owner called and had to say this about the dog they adopted from AHNM, “Daisy (Angelina’s new name) is a great dog who gets along very well with our older dog.  The only problem we are having is her stubbornness to stay on her bed instead of our couch!”  They have since been able to teach “daisy” that she is not to jump on the couch.  She is doing great with her new family and even goes shopping at Petsmart with them!!

From Cupcake's Loving Dad:  Janelle and girls, as you know, my baby girl is now about 8 to 9 months old and is so beautiful and flourishing wonderfully.  She has a big appetite and loves chicken treats from Sam's Club and her Science Diet and Pro Plan can food. She has now learned to "give me paw" because she knows she will get a treat. When she sees me opening the bag, Cupcake is already lifting up her paw without me asking her to "give me paw" because she knows daddy is going to give her something good. Cupcake has truly brought the "sparkle" back into my eyes after my son Sammy passed away and I have to thank "Almost Home New Mexico" for giving me the opportunity to love again, and especially to love this beautiful baby girl named Cupcake.

Just a short update on Buddy.  He lost his ‘baby’ fur and is now more golden, and he is a big boy now lifting his leg to go pee!  He sleeps outside our bedroom door or by the entrance door to make sure he is protecting us.  He has a best friend; Gus, who lives 2 houses down and likes to go over to Gus’ house for play dates and the woman who lives there also walks them together.  We LOVE him! He is the sweetest dog; very patient with Olivia and all her friends. We are excited for the summer when we can open up the pool and see if he likes it. Thanks for the opportunity to adopt Buddy.

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