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Extreme Cruelty on Poor Baby Cupcake!!!!

This is Cupcake and she is a beautiful, sweet little baby girl.. At only about 4-5 weeks old she has already had to live through some of the worst cruelty anyone can imagine!!! 

Today August 5, 2008 we received a call from our local Animal Control Facility requesting we take in a very small puppy that was left in a drop box in the middle of the night with her ears chopped almost completely off..

How horribly saddened we were that somebody could have done such a thing— we know it happens but it was like a punch in the gut when we actually got to the shelter and saw her for ourselves!!  These shelter workers see everything but they too were absolutely appalled by this poor baby left at the gates.. 

They understood how desperate she needed antibiotics and pain meds to help alleviate the discomfort she probably felt. They called on us and we answered their plea for help!!

Well so far so good!!  Surprisingly she is still as happy as ever and seems to have forgiven people.. Could you imagine the terror and pain this poor baby went through???  It is just so sad!!!

We did do interviews today with all the news stations and I was asked what I thought of when I saw her with her ears like this.. I started crying and all that came to mind was how many more are out there being put through this.. It makes me so sad and angry that anybody could do this to an innocent puppy!!!

If they can do this to a puppy this small and helpless what can they do to a child??  These people are walking around amongst us..  How scary!!!


Please contact us if you would like to help with our medical bills, or want to volunteer.  We can’t do this alone we need your support and we need donations. If everyone can donate just $5 to help- we can move mountains!!  Trust me every penny counts!!

Please help us so we can help others just like Cupcake!! 


Cupcake has been adopted and is now in the best home we could possibly have found for her.  Her new daddy Charles also gave the kitten Bob Macaroni a forever home since the two were such best friends!!  You can click on either picture of Cupcake to go to Charles’ webpage about his dog Sammy that passed away and to see what kind of person Cupcake and Bob went to!!  He has a page for Cupcake and Bob and a page for comments and visitors!  It is a great page and I urge everyone to just click on one of Cupcake’s photos to just take a look at the site and read what he had to say about his dog Sammy passing away..  He is an amazing person and we are so happy that he chose to give Cupcake and Bob their forever home!!  Thank you Charles!!!!       














                                      These two photos are from the day Cupcake came into our rescue.

                                              You can click on them to go to to see how she is progressing.

The 3 pictures above are of Cupcake’s first time meeting the pack and playing before going home a few days later!!!  What a different little pup!!!

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