Almost Home New Mexico


Mary was picked up as a stray by a local shelter.  She was showing some aggression and had a large scab on her head.  She too was very matted and dirty.   We received the request and selected 4 other dogs instead– however of course, she stayed on my mind and I emailed our contact and told her that we would pick her up after all.  I couldn’t leave her behind.


We picked her up and groomed her and then we noticed she was feeling depressed. She then had a seizure and then another seizure— at first they were just very small.  Her teeth would chatter and she would foam just a little bit.  However after a couple days she had a grand mal seizure.  We held her and tried to keep her from hurting herself.  When she came out of the seizure she was a little disoriented and when the girls put her out to potty she wouldn’t let them bring her back in.  She was clearly upset and very confused– we eventually caught her and tried to get to relax. 


The following day we made her appointment to see our vet.  Our appointment was scheduled for 3:45 during the day she had four more seizures — I called by 12 pm that she kept having seizures so they squeezed her appointment time up to 2 pm..


Our vet got her in quickly and did a complete exam.  He ran a CBC and sure enough her white blood cell count was elevated.  We put her on antibiotics and anti-seizure medication.  She had another seizure last night and we were very concerned!  However, today she is doing amazingly well and seems to be recovering.  She seems happier and more level headed and she has not had any seizures today.  So we are very happy and will continue monitoring her.  She will be going back to our vet in a few days for a recheck to see how she is progressing.  

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