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We were contacted actually by my parents who live out in Tome, NM.  They were driving down a dirt road out in the mesa behind Tome Hill and found a little black Poodle.  They couldn’t leave it out there so they picked her up and took her home.  They were going to take her to Animal Control as they knew we were not taking any more animals in– we had no funding and really no space at that time.


However, they called us and we went over and picked her up as they were very worried about her.  She was very thin, matted, dirty, seemed deaf and partially blind.  She was just a mess.  We brought her home and cleaned her up.  We then contemplated as to what we should do.  I talked to several of our supporters.  What do we do with a little old girl with so many health issues?  Well we took her into our vet to see what he thought about her.  She needed an extreme dental with a lot of extractions! 


We put her on our website with the intention of trying to find someone special that would adopt her understanding that she needed this dental.  We gave her a month and prayed that someone would come through for her.  A few days after posting her a wonderful couple contacted us.  They were willing to talk to our vet and pay for her dental.  It was completely amazing!!!  I know someone was watching over her and answered our prayers.


These people had never met her– they only saw a photo and were in love.  They paid her dental bill which was in the hundreds– and then a few days later they came out and picked her up.  Of course it was wonderful meeting such an amazing couple who would pay so much for a little dog they had never met.  They gave her a new lease on life– and she is now one of the happiest little girls in the world!!!!   


Recently her adopters contacted us with a wonderful email.  Here is what they had to say about Violet after a year of having her with them.


“Violet is the sweetest, most loving rescue yet!  Her happy face photo is attached  (look at those pretty teeth!).  She has settled into the family really well.  She is a cuddler and doesn't take no for an answer from the others in the pack.  Simone was a little grouchy about having her personal space invaded, but since the cold weather set in, has decided having a warm body next to you is not so bad. 

We are so happy to have Violet in our lives!

On the down side, we recently took her in to have a wheezing checked and found that she has a congenital heart defect.  Her heart is literally too big!  She is on medication and we are hoping for the best.  Feels like she has always been with us and we hope she will be around for a long time!”


Regaardless of her health issues they love her and are taking great care of our little mesa girl..

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