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Frankie found after abused amd then abandoned !!

Frankie was seen on Channel 7 after we took him in.  He had been found wandering in the Meadow Lake by some kind people who wanted to help him. They thought there was a string hanging from his face but when they took a closer look they realized it was not a string but skin hanging off his face.  They took him to Animal Control hoping that they could get Frankie the help he needed and find who could have done this to this cute little guy.


Valencia County Animal Control Director Erik Tanner called me up to see if there was any way we could fit in another abuse victim. It took me seconds to think and respond with, “Let me see how much this is going to cost us”. He then told me what had happened and what the little guy needed. I called our vet and before we knew it we had an appointment at 2 pm for surgery. Of course, I was at work and could not get away so thankfully Erik said he would take him over to the vet’s office for us. 


We went over to the shelter to pick up 2 other dogs and then went straight to the clinic to make sure our newest boy was ok. We decided to stay for the surgery and our amazing vet and his staff told us we could leave our two newest dogs in a run while we waited.


Bosque Animal Clinic in Bosque Farms rocks!!!  They did an amazing job on our boy and are just absolutely amazing!!  We couldn’t ask for a better vet and staff to care for our injured babies. 


Anyhow they fixed up our little Frankie and wrote a report for Animal Control just in case they find who did this to this poor little boy charges can be pressed.


We want to thank everyone who has been so supportive. Valencia County Animal Control for calling us to take Frankie in and transporting him to our vet’s office, KOAT Channel 7 -the only television station who picked up the story to get the word out that we were looking for the person who did this (and they even came out a few times to do a follow up and invited us to the newsroom too), Animal Protection of New Mexico for putting a reward out for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person who did this, and of course Bosque Animal Clinic for performing the medical (after hours) that Frankie needed to save his life, and of course all our supporters, adopters, friends, and family!!     


Frankie has been adopted to a wonderful woman in Albuquerque who loves him dearly!!!!  He will have a happily ever after and be spoiled for the rest of his life.. Thank you Carol for giving our handsome boy a forever home!!!











Frankie after surgery!  Looking good and very happy!

Frankie when he was turned in to the shelter.  Pictures courtesy of Valencia County Animal Control.

Frankie during surgery with all the dead tissue removed. Thank you Bosque Animal Clinic.

Frankie healed up, neutered, and ready to go home!!!!

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