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Wilson Starvation Case

Back in January 2009 Valencia County Animal Control were called out to a home with several starving dogs.  They tried to help the woman with food since she seemed to love the animals however when they went back to check a week later the dogs were in worse condition then before and she still had the same amount of dog food in the bag they had left for her.


The went ahead and confiscated all the animals from the property– a total of 29 live animals. When they started confiscating the dogs there were even 2 (Sugar and Jane) in a separate room in the house waiting to die.  Animal Control put a plea out to the rescue groups hoping to get all the dogs into foster homes.  Only two rescues answered that call as everyone else was full to the brim.  We were to, but they needed us and well we couldn’t say no. 


So we went in to pick up some of the dogs we figured we could take in 5 however we ended up taking out 7 with one of the dogs going into foster with Custom K9 Performance.   We couldn’t decide which dogs to save, so we basically told them to put the dogs they thought would die without extra help into our carriers.  We ended up with Jane, Buckwheat, Spankey, Darla, Alfalfa, Sugar, and Pineapple. 


The dogs were put on special diets and medications for nausea– since their bodies weren’t accustomed to food they would vomit every time they ate.  Sugar spent her first night in the ER for stabilization (we want to thank VCAC for providing the extra care these dogs needed) and then Custom K9 Performance picked her up.  All the dogs gained a considerable amount of weight right from the beginning. All but two have been adopted into wonderful homes!!  We can’t thank their adopters enough for opening their hearts and homes to these beautiful babies.

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