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Ashley the day she came in.. Wearing a special collar..

What a beautiful girl!!!!

Ashley was turned over to the City of Albuquerque Animal Welfare Department at about 9 months old.  We just happened to go in to look at some bite cases and we saw her.  She was so pretty and sweet and just sat there at the gate.  I went and talked to our contact Mary and she explained that she might not get adopted as she is special needs and do we think we could place her. I said yes we get some amazing people that love the special babies!!!!


So Mary told me more about her and it went something to this effect.  Her owners purchased her as a small baby and well they noticed she was “difficult to handle and very stubborn”.. They couldn’t do anything with her and so threw her in the backyard where she stayed until they just couldn’t deal with such a horrible dog anymore.


So the shelter said OK we’ll see what we can do.  Well, they took her to the back for evaluation and low and behold this “stubborn horrible dog that was just too dumb to train” was deaf!!!!  Uh yea I guess you need to spend time with a pet to know this — says a lot about her past owners!!!!  So we said Ok that was fine I will do some research about deaf dogs and offer as much support as possible to the adopters.  We took her home and introduced her to the pack.


Surprisingly everything went great she played and acted just like the other dogs and she just basically followed their lead.  It is very funny though sometimes having a deaf dog on the property because I realized at that time how many people actually drive by and notice the pack of dogs and when there is “something wrong”.  I started getting calls from other rescue s and even the shelter asking me if I had a dead dog in my yard.. All these people were positive that it was a dead dog laying out in the front yard.  Oh my!! You should have seen— I was shocked when the first call came in. 

It went something like this:


Hey Janelle I just got a call about your place. 

Really?  What’s up?

Are you home?

Yeah..  Why?

Well someone just called and said there was a dead dog out in your front yard? (I look out and everyone’s playing)

Huh..  That’s strange.. No no one is dead.. You can come on over if you want and take  a look..

No that’s fine.. Thanks

Then another call came in:


Hey Janelle it’s …  from … are you home?

Yup.. What’s up??

Hey someone is out in front of your house..  They say you have a dead dog out there..

Huh??  Really..  (I walk over to the door to go out).  I’ll call you right back..

Go outside and there is a car out there and they are pointing to my sleeping Ashley and they are all frantic— “She’s dead.. We called her over and honked and she won’t move..”

I kind of laughed and yelled back as I am walking over to her and say “Oh she’s not dead— she’s deaf!!”… They yell back, “We know we are so sorry she’s dead!!  Do you know what happened??”  Maybe it was one of those pit bulls that killed her!!”.. 

I was shocked “WHAT”.. Go figure— my poor pit bulls get blamed for everything..

So I touched her and she woke up and wagged her little stumpy tail at me like “Good morning— I didn’t hear you”.. I gave her a pat and she stood up.. The people drove away.. Hmmm I laugh and say to myself, “I am a miracle worker bringing dogs to life!!!!!  Ha ha ha!!!”

Then I call the shelter back and the rescuer who had called me and explained what I figured out!!!  It was kind of funny..


Ashley was renamed Luna!!!  She is doing awesome with her new family.. They have done a lot of research on deaf dogs and she now knows a bunch of commands using nothing but sign language!!!  Her new smarter owners tell us how brilliant their new baby is.. They take her everywhere with them.. She is such a lucky girl to have found such a wonderful new forever home!!!!


Playing with the water!!!!

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