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What a beautiful sweet girl!!!  Angelina like so many of our abuse victims came from Valencia County Animal Control.  As hard as they try to not make connections with the animals they have to care for, and must euthanize if not adopted, there are those ones that no matter what they can’t help but fall in love with.  That was the case with Angelina.  Was she  true cruelty case that somebody could be prosecuted for?  No not really I guess. She was picked up as a stray extremely thin and weak. Every bone jutted out and so the staff tried to feed her extra and give her blankets to cushion the hard concrete for her. 


Everyone knew no one would want such a pitiful girl.  Not only was she a pit bull, she was an adult, and well very skinny and homely looking.  She did get up to greet everyone though as they walked by her cage. She really wanted a forever home, but nobody really paid her much attention— except for the staff.  The staff saw something special about her. 


Well the day came when her time ran out.  Nobody came to give this sweet girl her forever home.  Her kennel was clipped for euthanasia the next morning.  The kennelers went to her cage and gave her one last walk before bed and gave her a special extra cushioney soft blanket for her last night and they fed her dinner.  The following morning when the kennelers got there they went straight to her kennel to see if she was “gone”.  However, much to their surprise she was there and was in the process of giving birth!!


Nobody knew she was pregnant. She was sooo skinny she never had a belly and what little of one she did have they all thought was just from the food they were giving her.  This posed a new problem.  Now what?  She is having babies– do they wait and put the whole family down one they are all born or put her down right away (the remaining puppies in her will never be born and the ones already born will be euth right away)? 


You may get mad and say “What?? Kill babies!!??  Those monsters!!!” However, you have to realize that the place they were at was a shelter that takes in over 100 animals a week due to the publics’ neglect.  The shelter doesn’t want to have to do what they do. It is one of those necessary evils in the world.  And yes one of their jobs is to control pet population and euthanize the unwanted, unadopted, and unclaimed animals in their care.  They have less than 100 kennels and take in over 100 animals— you do the math and figure it out.  The animals coming into the shelter are not going to stop and the shelter can’t keep expanding to care for all of them until they get adopted without money.  Plus really think about it this way.  The dogs are in small runs in a building.  What if they never get adopted then what?  They stay in a small room the rest of their life with no love or attention?  That’s like a person staying in a bathroom forever because no one wants you— oh and there are so many others in this building that it is very rare that you get any contact with the exception of being fed and having your kennel cleaned.  So unfortunately euthanasia is just something that must be done at this point in time at many shelters.


Well, they decided to just put an emergency plea out to every rescue they knew.. Begging for a place for this new family.  Well, we said OK and were shocked when we got there and it had turned out she had 13 puppies!!!!  Well, we took her straight to our vet for an exam and worming for all of them.  He said all the puppies were healthy but mom had to gain a lot of weight to be able to produce enough milk for all these babies. 


So she ate everything!!!!  A large bowl of Taste of the Wild was kept in her room with her along with a big bowl of water– and then she was supplemented with chicken, yogurt, cottage cheese, and eggs!!! 


She grew her hair back where she had lost it due to her malnutrition and her face filled in so she looked beautiful!!!


Angelina and all her puppies have been adopted!!  Angelina’s new name is Daisy and her new family loves her to pieces!!!!  

Angelina the day she came into rescue with her 13 newborn babies.  She was extremely emaciated!!!

Angelina and her babies out in the yard enjoying the sunshine.

Angelina and one of her puppies about 4 weeks after coming into rescue.  What a huge difference!!!

Getting love from Miranda!!

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