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Buddy looking very sad and lost when he came into rescue and was put out to go potty.

Look at this smile!!  What a cutie– who could hurt such a sweet baby?

Buddy was another one of those dogs that came out of the Valencia County Animal Control.  His owner Y. Tapia was captured on tape throwing this poor baby across the wet patio and kicking him while he is trying to go potty.. 


The shelter called us after taking him into custody to see if we could help him over come his fear and to hold him while they went to court for custody.  We said OK.  He was extremely traumatized and needed a lot of work we even went so far as to contact an animal communicator — Julie Brown to talk to him to see what we could do to make him happy.


It was a very interesting reading and extremely helpful within a couple days of Julie talking to him he opened up and started coming to us for attention.  Before this he would stay out in the yard facing away from us without making any eye contact.  He was just so worried about this new situation.  When he would come back into the house he would crawl around trying to hide in corners and against furniture. Still never making any eye contact. 


We had to do something to get him to understand that it was good for him to be here and he wouldn't be hurt ever again.  You know I must also mention that the Animal control officer— you know the ones who are always in the media for being so horrible and mean and not doing their jobs— brought Buddy to us in the front of his truck because he was so worried about stressing the little guy any more than he had too.. So I thought that was good to throw in since so many people enjoy bashing the people who have to work in this shelter.. They actually do care and some are very kind to these animals they have to care for.. So the fear in this baby was bad enough for the shelter to be worried about his mental state enough to have him ride in the front seat with him so he could comfort him during his ride out to me.  They do deserve a huge thanks for being so caring towards these little critters.


Anyhow back to Buddy and his emotional state. He would come in and I kid you not he would flatten himself to the floor and ran crawl to the nearest hiding possibility.  So we tried everything from lots of pets and comfort to chicken and turkey as bribes. Nothing was working to get him to relax and that is why the call went out to Julie for help.  She told us he was just very sensitive and confused.  “He had been born with a very big heart and just wanted to be the best little puppy and really tried to please her and he couldn’t understand why she couldn’t love him no matter how hard he tried to make her happy.  She would be nice and then get angry and mean so his little heart was broken into little pieces.” So she explained why we had him and that we would never let anyone hurt him again. 


So long story short he came out of his shell and started playing and just being a puppy again. Quite a few people called and inquired about him and about adopting him.  However, the same question always came up.  Because of his past and all the abuse he had endured isn’t he going to turn on his new owner.  Won’t he become extremely aggressive in time when he is big enough to get revenge. Well, his new family also heard that when she told people she was going to adopt him. 


She ignored the warning that he was going to turn on her family and attack her small child.  She decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and a forever home!  She has since e-mailed us updates and he is doing wonderful!!!!  He loves her daughter and they play ball constantly and he even loves all her friends that come to visit. 


The amazing thing about dogs is their ability to forgive and love unconditionally.  People broke his heart and almost ruined him– a person who might have had to endure that same abuse probably would have become a murderer– but Buddy climbed that mountain and showed how truly forgiving he really is. I once read this little saying — “To find out who loves you more your spouse or your dog take them both and lock them in the trunk for an hour.  When you open it who is happy to see you?”  I thought that was funny— though we don’t ever recommend locking anyone or any animal in a trunk it does illustrate quite well how happy and forgiving dogs really are.    

Buddy with his new family.  Very loved!!!

Buddy feeling good and running around with the other dogs playing ball!!!

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