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Rascal was one of more than a dozen Dachshunds confiscated by Valencia County Animal Control after they were found in a shed back in 2007.  The woman was a known breeder of them for many years however after the death of her husband everything fell apart.  The dogs were all locked in the shed and she believed her children were taking care of them. They were not! The dogs were in cages filled with feces.  They were not fed or watered and all had started showing the signs of neglect. 


Animal Control took the animals in and sent them out to the rescues that were willing to rehabilitate them.  Many had gone kennel crazy from the living conditions-they almost all had some behavioral issues.  Rascal was one of the worst cases there and was scheduled for euthanasia when Jan Marino from ANEW decided to give him a chance. 


She took him in and worked with him for 9 months before he would even let her touch him.  After that though he became her little buddy. He was diagnosed with an obsessive compulsive disorder and put on medication. He developed the disorder as a way to deal with the stress from his horrible living situation.


His owner was charged with animal cruelty and spent time in jail, served 400 hours of community service at the shelter learning to care for the animals, and had to pay restitution fees for the dogs.  As for Rascal he went to ANEW and started recovering. However, after about a year that Jan had him problems arose in her life and she decided to get as many of her rescue dogs placed into other rescue or forever homes as soon as possible. We told her we would take three of her hardest to place dogs and Rascal was part of that group. 


He came in and fit right in snuggling on the couch with us and just being part of the family.  He was great but there was no interest in him. We eventually took him off his medication and he slowly learned to handle stressful situations with grace.  The spinning stopped and he was doing wonderful.


One thing I thought was wonderful that came out of this horrible situation is how much the original owner learned after working so many hours at our local facility.  This little piece was written for the News Bulletin after they spoke with Herbain about her experience. 

-As a former breeder, Herbain said, after what she's been through over the past year and what she's experienced at the shelter, she's come to the decision that she'll never breed again — not even one litter.
"My dogs were AKC registered, they were adorable lap dogs and they were sweet, smart little critters," Herbain said. "Who couldn't love them? Who wouldn't take care of them? Well, working at the shelter, there were several dachshunds that came through. And what was the sad part was I wondered if they were one of mine."
Herbain spoke about several animals that came through the shelter, including a Doberman that had been sold to a former owner for $1,800. She said it didn't matter what breed or how adorable they were, she eventually saw every type of dog at the shelter.
"I don't want to contribute to it," she says. "I truly believe that every single breeder should be required to work at least 60 days in a shelter. It will change their perspective about breeding."


Unfortunately Rascal did pass away before a forever home could be found for him. We will always miss his cute little smile!!!

Rascal looking very handsome!

Rascal hanging out with Alex on the couch.

Rascal giving Miranda kisses!!!  Being spoiled like usual.. Little Rascal!!!.

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