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Ruger and magnum      

We got a call from animal control that they had just confiscated 2 Pit Bull mixes from a home.  The dogs were kept on heavy chains and the owners were just feeding them scraps/leftovers.  They never got a good meal - they were “guard dogs so should be kept hungry so they would be mean”.  The dogs were very emaciated one more than the other. 


The dog in front of the house (Ruger) had been there longer– the neighbors claimed he was there since he was pretty young– always on that chain.  When the shelter showed up on the complaint for the front yard dog they found the second dog (Magnum) tied up in back.  He was a newer dog they had recently got– possibly a sibling of Ruger.  Magnum wasn’t as thin as Ruger but was on his way to it and would have been in the same shape if left there.  


Both dogs were covered in ticks– large ticks hundreds of them everywhere.  Their ears were scabbed and swollen from the flies biting them.  The dogs were chained with the heavy logging chains– not because they could or would break their chains but to try and make their necks thicker– strengthen the dogs– build them up to make them look scary.  It was very sad– the owner claimed it was because the dogs were very mean guard dogs.  Well, the shelter saw something totally different– they saw two skinny dogs with wagging tails begging for attention. 


After confiscating them the shelter called us to see if we could bring them to Almost Home for rehabilitation and to be held to use as evidence if charges were brought against the owner.  We brought the two dogs in– pulled off the ticks and started their rehabilitation.  Getting the dogs to gain weight, get them used to being with other dogs, and deal with their food aggression.  The dogs responded beautifully and are now in their forever homes and doing great!!!


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