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Finding forever homes for abandoned and-or abused animals

You can click on Happy to read more about Pit Bulls and BSL (breed Specific Legislation).Click on Frankie to read the srtories of some of our abuse victims. Here is Aero, Oreo, Fiona, and Pickles.  Click on their picture to see the animals we have avaialble for adoption!!!

Please click on Happy’s picture for information regarding pit bulls and BSL (breed specific legislation).

Click on Frankie’s picture  to read the stories of some of our abuse cases.

Click on the picture of four of our fur babies to see the animals we have available for adoption.

Click on Angelina's picture to see our pack pictures and videos.

Almost Home NM

 PO Box 772

 Peralta, NM 87042

What Does Almost Home do exactly??


There are always changes here at Almost Home NM.  We are expanding and have a lot of plans coming up for our future. Please watch our Facebook page for new animals coming into the rescue and updates.  We update everything there constantly and do have a lot of changes about to take place.


We are running at capacity all the time.  Many people wonder where the animals come from that are available for adoption.  Most come into the rescue from local shelters scheduled for euthanasia.  We pull many dogs who are looked over due to behavioral or health issues.  Many just need time to recover and learn rules of living in a home with a family to love.  But some dogs come here because they are pregnant/have puppies, are puppies, or have just been at a shelter too long or because the shelter is out of space.


Almost Home NM is an all breed rescue meaning if it needs us and we have the room it can come here.  We work closely with the shelters to take in dogs that are out of time, need some rehabilitation, or they need a safe place to stay until a family can be found for them.  We specialize in rehabilitation though and the shelters know that we will help whenever possible. 


All meetings with the animals are done by appointment only.  We do not give out our location or our vet information.  You can not just come out to meet the animals or visit them to see what we have before putting in an application.. You must email us a request for an application, fill it out, and return it via email.. Once it is reviewed and approved an appointment for you to meet the dog/s you are interested in is scheduled. 


If you would like to help us please feel free to email and again check us out on FB as we have a lot of wonderful things happening..


Thank you all so much for your support,

Janelle Chavez


Almost Home NM


Dog Breeds

Love and Care For the Homeless

We started Almost Home New Mexico due to the large number of homeless and unwanted animals we saw at the shelters.  We believe that every animal should be given a chance at finding a forever home.  However due to lack of space at most government run facilities and the misconception that "all dogs at the shelters are bad, mean, or sick" we have decided to give dogs from the euthanasia lists the extra time they need to be seen by the public in a different environment. 

Every dog we have rescued from certain death has proven their worth and loyalty to us and their new owners.  We see very few “bad dogs”—  unfortunately though we have seen many “bad owners” since being involved in rescue!

Almost Home New Mexico provides the love, care, medical attention, training, and rehabilitation these homeless animals need and then, when we think they are ready, we find them the best home we can.  A home that will love and make a forever commitment to them.  We realize that animals are legally just property however we see them as living, feeling beings who need and require love, time, and training by their owners to be the best they can be.      

We realize we can't save them all and we know that we may not make a huge difference to the over population problem, but we know and believe in our hearts that we make a difference to the animals we rescue. 


All our animals are altered, vaccinated, microchipped, and if they are adults heartworm tested prior to adoption.

We rarely take animals from the public.  The majority of our animals are rescued from the euthanasia lists at government run facilities.